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The 20 Most Expensive Dogs in the World



The 20 Most Expensive Dogs in the World

Just how much is that dog in the window?

They state pet dogs are male’s friends, yet a few of our four-legged close friends cost more than a little automobile!

We have assembled a list of the 20 most expensive canines worldwide, simply if you wish to sprinkle the money.

Own among these canine friends, and you make certain to be going down a couple of thousand dollars … minimum!

The 20 A Lot Of Expensive Canines worldwide

The checklist of pets and numbers discussed below have been compiled from various sources around the internet, such as Reproduction Business, Tail, and Hair & Silver Lining.

These are the 20 most pricey pet dogs worldwide:

  1. Saint Bernard– $1,500.

Beginning our checklist is St. Bernard, an active pet dog breed from the western Alps in Italy and Switzerland.

They were originally bred for rescue objectives by the hospice of the Great St Bernard Hand Down the Italian-Swiss border.

Beethoven’s 1992 motion picture catapulted the breed’s popularity and may have something to do with its hefty price tag!

  1. Lakeland Terrier -$ 2,000.

The Lakeland Terrier takes its name from its place of origin, the Lake District in England.

Usually speaking, the dog is small to mid-sized and weighs concerning 7-8Kg.

It’s mostly hypo-allergenic, which means it doesn’t shed its hair as much as other pet types and is an excellent household buddy.

One of those colourful characters will require you to component means with a good $2,000 of your hard-earned cash!

  1. Irish wolfhound– $3,000.

This rather tall and peculiar-looking beast.

The Irish wolfhound is a historical sighthound from Ireland.

It was bread to go after the video game and be an attack dog and is specifically efficient hunting and protection against wolves.

Getting to elevations of around 30 ″ -32 ″ and evaluating around 150lbs, an Irish Wolfhound will certainly cost you around to $3000!

  1. Black Russian Terrier– $3,500.

Among these giants will certainly set you back around $3,500.

Nevertheless, think of it as a great financial investment as they make excellent pet dogs and are wonderful with children.

The USSR initially reproduced them in Red Star (Krasnaya Zvezda) Kennels throughout the late 1940s and early 1950s for military/working pets.

They hardly ever bark and have quite a look if you want to fend off intruders.

  1. Bedlington Terrier– $4,000.

Called after Bedlington, Northumberland in North East England, this little terrier loads a punch when it concerns the price.

Bedlington Terrier

Initially, Bedlingtons were bred to hunt vermin. Nonetheless, it has been utilised in canine racing, conformation programs, and countless pet dog sporting activities.

The dogs have blue, liver or sandy colouration and are very great with children.

If you have obtained a spare $4,000 shedding an opening in your pocket, after that, this could be the pet for you!

  1. English Bulldog– $4,300.

Likewise referred to as the British Bulldog or English Bulldog, this medium-sized brute is the 15th most costly dog on our listing.

Its wrinkled face and also distinctive pushed-in switch nose is its most recognisable functions.

According to the American Kennel Club, Bulldogs were the fourth most popular pure breed in the United States in 2016.

Nevertheless, they’re well-known for ongoing health issues, so the rate you pay to acquire one initially may likewise be the price you pay in upkeep.

  1. Portuguese Water Dog– $5,000.

Next off on the list is an active canine breed, identified by the American Kennel Club, referred to as The Portuguese Water Dog.

Coming from the Algarve, Portugal, and made well-known by the United States Head of state Barak Obama’s dog called B, this cosy animal is recognised for its wavy and curly coat and non-shedding capability.

A male Portuguese water dog weighs19-27 kg, and it is 50-57 cm in height, whilst a lady is around 43-52 cm tall and 16-23 kg in weight.

They typically live for 10-14 years.

  1. Saluki– $5,500.

An additional costly sighthound, the Saluki, was bred by nomadic tribes to diminish video game animals. It mainly uses a view to search rather than scent.

Normally living 12-14 years, the Saluki has very long legs, a slim structure, and a non-traditional appearance.

Evaluating around 40-60 extra pounds specifically as well as standing tall at 25-28 ″, you’ll obtain a decent ROI on your $5,500!

  1. French Bulldog– $6,000.

The French Bulldog is the outcome of a cross in between English Bulldogs imported from England and Parisian ratters.

Originating in the 1800s, the adorable yet expensive pets obtain their high price from the exclusivity. As a result of their slim hips, they’re extremely challenging to reproduce and produce 2-3 puppies per clutter.

So, that’s why these little elegances are among the most pricey canines worldwide, costing upwards of $6,000.


  1. Akita– $6,500.

The Akita is a rather pricey breed of pet dog whose beginnings lie in the mountainous areas of northern Japan.

Nonetheless, there are two kinds of Akita, The Japanese Akita as well as the American Akita. They are normally simple to recognise due to the variant in colours.


Japanese Akitas can be found in a much more narrow scheme of colours, whereas the American pressure of Akita can be found in all pet colours.

Females can weigh 34-50 kg, and men weigh around 45-59 kg. Men get to elevations of about 26-28 ″ as well as ladies reach heights of 24-26 ″.

  1. Covering Canine– $7,000.

Conveniently distinct by its ring curl tail and thick silky smooth hair, the Covering Dog was bred for its unique attributes in the hills of Afghanistan.

They are 64 to 69 centimetres high as well as generally evaluate around 23 to 27 kilos. With a black facial mask, their layer can be in any colour, like Fawn, Gold, or Lotion. Any white markings are inhibited, as they attract you away from the appeal of the pure black face.

Its originality and also originality are probably enough to validate its $7000 price tag.

  1. Pharaoh Dog– $7,500.

Being the National pet of Malta, the Pharaoh Hound obtains a great deal of interest in its look and personality.

It is called Kelb tal-Fenek in Maltese, which suggests “bunny pet dog” and is traditionally utilised for searching bunnies in the Maltese Islands.

Pharaoh Hounds tend to consider up to 45-55 extra pounds, depending upon the sex of the dog and its consuming routines.

Men usually are 23-25 ″ high, while females are 21-24 ″.

They are loyal and can be trained well, making them one more excellent enhancement to the household if you can afford it!

  1. Dogo Argentino– $8,000.

Muscling its way into our leading 10 is the Dogo Argentino. Typically established for big game searching, the muscular beast is just one of the most pricey pet dogs we’ve seen so far!

It was first reproduced in 1928 from the Cordoba Combating Canine and other types like the Great Dane.

The dogs have a huge white muscular body, a short coat and a deep-set thick upper body. Despite their prideful look, they make for a good family pet dog but need a regular workout.

  1. Canadian Eskimo Pet Dog– $8,750.

The Canadian Eskimo Dog is among the earliest and rarest functioning dogs from the Arctic and were brought from Siberia to The United States And Canada by the Thule people over 1,000 years back.

Their number began to lessen towards the 1960s due to the rising popularity of snow sleds and the spread of canine contagious conditions.

Now intimidated with termination, with an estimate of only three hundred pure-blooded canines left, you can see why they command such a large price.

  1. Rottweiler– $9,000.

The Rottweiler is a medium-large domestic canine bred for working functions in Germany.


They were known as “Rottweiler Metzgerhund”, which means Rottweil butchers’ dogs, and also their primary use was to draw carts packed with butchered meat to market and herd livestock.

With a typical lifespan of 8-10 years, a weight of 50-60 kg, and getting to heights of 24– 27 ″, evaluating a publication by its cover would be easy and identify the Rottweiler as an aggressive beast.

Nonetheless, the Rottweiler is a great household pet due to its commitment, obedience, and good nature.

  1. Azawakh– $9,500.

The Azawakh is yet another sighthound on our checklist; however, this is from West Africa instead of England.

Identifiable by its slender body and striking almond eyes, the Azawakh is one of the priciest breeds on our checklist.

Azawakas have around 10-12 years, evaluate about 15-25 kg, and stand about 25– 29 ″ high.

It is among the uncommon types on our list readily available for ownership in the US and Canada.

  1. Tibetan Mastiff– $10,000.

This absolute giant pet dog originates from Tibet and also comes from the mastiff family.

Its original objective was to shield lamb from killers, like wolves, leopards and bears. Its dimension alone suffices to daunt also the hungriest of predators.

Men can get to elevations of as much as 33 ″—the original Tibetan mastiff is normally considered 55– 90 kg.

Although they were originally used as guardians, the massive pet dogs came to be too costly to maintain for their nomadic proprietors. Also, their number slowly began to reduce.

If you’ve obtained an extra $10,000 as well as wish to make a little bit of a statement, then this may be the puppy for you!

  1. Chow Chow– $11,000.

Numerous factors can be brought into play to validate why the Chow is among the most costly canines worldwide.

They are among the oldest pet dog breeds in China as well as incredibly uncommon. They have a Lion like teddy bear look and also a special black tongue. Despite their hazardous reputation, they’re famous for their commitment towards their owners.

They do require a great amount of physical exercise so see to it you’re ready for great deals of strolls and invoices, as they’ll maintain you are investing money on food, treats, vet bills and brushing.

But, if you spent $10,000 on one of the worlds most costly pet dogs, that cares!!

  1. Löwchen– $12,000.

The Löwchen is one of the smallest breeds on our listing. The American Kennel Club course it as a non-sporting dog, as well as it’s often taken into consideration a “plaything dog” by windows registries.

It had the title of the rarest pet worldwide, as in 1973, there were just 65 recognised canines left, and now there are just 300 brand-new pet dogs signed up worldwide yearly.

They’re frequently referred to as “little lions” and also are extremely uncommon!

  1. Samoyed– $14,000.

Beating 19 other pets on our listing of the 20 most pricey canines worldwide is the stunning Samoyed.


It’s conveniently identifiable by its lovely thick, white, double-layer coat. Originally, it’s a big herding pet dog from Siberia and generally lives between 12-13 years.

A completely expanded male can consider 45-65 extra pounds, and a female can weigh around 35-50 extra pounds.

They’re very smart, pleasant as well as curious pets.

These adorable fluffy pets are becoming extremely rare, so we rate them as the most costly canine type on the planet!


We hope you enjoyed our checklist of the 20 most pricey pets worldwide.

Pets are male best friends, and you’ll have a buddy permanently as soon as you get over the cost!

Here’s a fast wrap-up of the 20 most expensive pet dogs in the world.

  1. Samoyed.
  2. Löwchens.
  3. Chow Chow.
  4. Tibetan Mastiff.
  5. Azawakh.
  6. Rottweiler.
  7. Canadian Eskimo Dog.
  8. Pet Argentino.
  9. Pharaoh Canine.
  10. Covering Dog.
  11. Akita.
  12. French Bulldog.
  13. Saluki.
  14. Portuguese Water Dog.
  15. English Bulldog.
  16. Bedlington Terrier.
  17. Black Russian Terrier.
  18. Irish Wolf Hound.
  19. Lakeland Terrier.
  20. Saint Bernhard.

Which of these most pricey pet dogs is your favourite? Leave a remark listed below.

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