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The 10 Most Expensive Hotels in the World



The 10 Most Expensive Hotels in the World

Well, forget your typical $200– $500 a night weekend break getaways, like the ones on this listing, begin at $28,000 a night!

The expensive pads on this listing have everything, from high-end penthouse Suites, forgetting breathtaking city vistas, to lavish underwater hotels.

So, if cash is no object for you, as well as you’re looking for your next premium vacation, then here’s a list of the ten most expensive resorts in the world.

The 10 Many Costly Hotels on the planet

The list of resorts and figures discussed below have been put together from numerous resources around the web, such as Traveling Leading Checklist & Highsnobiety.

These are the ten most expensive hotels worldwide:

  1. The Royal Suite– Burj Al-Arab– $28,000.

Starting listing the most pricey resorts worldwide is just one of the most widely known hotels, the Burj Al-Arab.

Situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the Burj was marketed as the world’s first-ever seven-star resort. It most absolutely meets assumptions.

It’s the seventh-tallest resort in the world and was created by designer Tom Wright to look like the sail of a ship.

The hotel is based on a manufactured artificial island obtainable to the mainland by a personal curving bridge.

In addition to all the great bells and whistles you would certainly anticipate discovering inside a seven-star resort, like an undersea restaurant that comes by submarine, the Burj Al-Arab additionally has its very own exclusive helipad near the roofing system, around 210 metres above sea level.

One evening in the royal Suite will cost you a minimum of $28,000.

The 780 square-metre suite, set over two floorings, is enhanced in 22-karat gold and includes an exclusive dining location, butler, day spa, exclusive lounge, and numerous teams to address your every beck and phone call.

Tolerable for $28,000 an evening!

  1. The Royal Suite– The Plaza– $40,000.

Next up, we have another “Royal Suite”, yet this one’s in The Plaza, New York, as well as will certainly run you a great $40,000 a night!

So, what do you get for that? To begin with, you reach the Suit using the private building lift, which you can utilize.

Next off, you go into the 400 square-foot Suit and are greeted with an exceptionally made living-room; furnished with the most recent first-rate features and luxuries.

The suite has three bedrooms, three restrooms, a lounge, a separate dining room, seats approximately 12 people, and a health and fitness space.

From the room, you have a stunning sight of fifth avenue. So if you don’t feel like lazing in bed throughout the day, after that, you can make use of the 24-hour butler solution the suite provides.

  1. The Hill Rental property– $45,000.

The Hilltop Vacation home is tucked away in paradise, just available to the super-rich.

The hotel is situated on Laucala island in Fiji and also costs an impressive $45,000 an evening.

However, for that, you’ll get a four-acre vacation home, split right into three different villas; that each uses the most stunning views of the island.

The first villa, “The Delana”, comes with a bedroom with a walk-in closet, a library, a living room, your huge exclusive swimming pool with waterfall and hot tub and also a solid timber soaking bathtub.

The second villa, “The Dua”, has comparable specifications however sleeps two easily, with sliding doors separating all the areas.

And also last but not least, “The Rua” has a separate living location and big exclusive swimming pool and is the 2nd largest vacation home out of the three.

If you’re seeking to escape pals or family, after that, The Hill Vacation home could be an ideal vacation as it rests up to eight people and also has all the high-end you require from a hotel.

  1. The Muraka Suite– The Conrad– $50,000.

It can be found at number seven on our listing of the most expensive hotels internationally: The Muraka.

The suite lies in the Maldives at The Conrad and is marketed as the globes first undersea resort suite.

The Muraka is two tales tall, with the bottom tale being about 16 feet below the Indian Ocean.

For $50,000 a night, you can anticipate being automatically upgraded to Hilton Ruby Standing upon arrival; enjoy a private cook, bar, health club, butler and infinity pool.

However, do not obtain too ahead of yourself as there’s a four-night minimum stay demand.

So, if you intend to stay there, after that, you’re seeking to spend an extra approximately $200,000!

  1. The Penthouse Suite– Hôtel Martinez– $53,000.

The Penthouse Suite in the Hôtel Martinez will certainly set you back $53,000 a night.

Hôtel Martinez is situated in Cannes, France, one of the best-known hotels in the Côte D’Azur.

For your $53,000, you can anticipate appreciating a 1000 square foot Suite on the uppermost flooring of the resort, with stunning panoramic sights across the sea from your own exclusive wood-panelled panorama balcony.

You will also have king-sized beds in each of the four bedrooms, a separate living and dining room, marble bathrooms, a Turkish bath and an exclusive jacuzzi on the balcony.

If you’re into your art, after that, you’ll be pleased to know that there are numerous artefacts from Picasso and also Matisse enhancing the wall surfaces of the Suite.

If art’s not your thing, after that, you can kick back as well as delight in the sight from the balcony!

  1. Ty Detector Penthouse– 4 Seasons– $60,000.

Kicking off the top five countdowns is the Ty Warner Penthouse at the Four Seasons Resort, New York City.

The luxury hotel Suite is called after the structure owner, Ty Detector and will cost you around $60,000 a night.

Situated on the very top floor of the structure, the 52nd to be specific, the $400 square-metre Suite cost around 50 million bucks to finish.

The Suite comes with a 360-degree panoramic sight of the city and has four glass balconies that supply prosperous downtown and downtown New York.

Now, you’ll obtain one room with this Suite. Still, you’ll likewise get a spa, a rock crystal master washroom, a view infinity tub, a personal lift, as well as a specialized visitor relationships supervisor and chauffeured rolls Royce available.

If that’s inadequate, you can take advantage of the unlimited massage therapies included forever step.

  1. The Mark Penthouse– The Mark Resort– $75,000.

The Mark resorts grand Penthouse is the biggest hotel suite penthouse in the United States, covering 10,000 square feet.

For you $75,000 a night, you can expect a sizable penthouse that’s expanded over the leading two floorings of the resort.

You’ll get five bedrooms, six restrooms, four fireplaces, two wet bars, two powder rooms and also a big open plan living area.

Likewise, the living room has its event trick, as it can be changed into a full-size ballroom with 26-foot ceilings.

One of the best features of the penthouse Suite is its 250-square-metre terrace, with scenic views of Central Park.

So if you want to play the King/Queen of New York City for some time, after that, book yourself a few nights in this suite!

  1. The Royal Penthouse– Hotel President Wilson– $80,000.

If you remain in Geneva, Switzerland, and have $80,000 to invest a night, then this is the resort for you.

The Royal Penthouse in the Hotel Head of state Wilson occupies the entire 8th flooring of the hotel.

It offers a panoramic sight of Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc and has 12 rooms, 12 shower rooms, and a jacuzzi bath ignoring the lake.

Besides the extravagant furnishings and also views, you’ll likewise gain from a 24/7 personal assistant, exclusive chef and also butler.

If safety is a top problem for you when remaining in a luxury resort, feel confident that the Royal Penthouse is just one of the safest areas.

It has bulletproof glass, 24/7 security, a safety and security electronic camera system throughout the Suite, as well as a fortified risk-free to store your belongings.

You’ll also find a 1930 Brunswick billiard table, a Steinway grand piano as well, as a Bang & Olufsen’s BeoVision 4-103 house movie theatre system.

And, all this can be reached by your private elevator!

  1. Compassion Suite– The Palms– $100,000.

Damaging the $100,000 an evening cost, the Compassion Suite at The Palms, Las Vegas, is the second most expensive resort in the world.

The Compassion Suite resulted from a full redesign by Damian Hurst and a complete overhaul of the old Skies Rental property Suite.

For $100,000, you will get two master bedrooms, massage tables, a cantilevered jacuzzi that ignores the Las Vegas strip, a salt relaxation area and a complete trip of the residential or commercial properties art Suite and features.

This resort Suite is really for art fans, as the space includes 6 Damian Hurst originals and customized furniture that attends to his concepts.

So, if you’re a Damian Hurst follower and you’ve got the extra money, then treat yourself!

  1. Lover’s Deep– High-end Submarine Hotel– $150,000.

At $150,000 a night, the Lover’s Deep High-end Submarine Hotel is the most costly on the planet.

Now, it’s not the same sort of experience you’d anticipate from a few of the other hotels on the list, as it needs you to go undersea in a submarine.

Nonetheless, if you wish to integrate a night away with an experience, after that, maybe this is the hotel for you.

The submarine/hotel is situated in St Lucia and can be browsed around the Caribbean to suit its visitor’s needs.

You’ll obtain 5-star lodging under the waves, including your captain, private cook and butler, rate watercraft transfers to as well as from the submarine, as well as some extra optional add-ons, like helicopter transfers, coastline landings, and also champagne-soaked champagne breakfasts.

The Lover’s Deep Submarine is completely geared up with the supreme in deluxe and also whatever you’d want from experience such as this.

In addition, you have the choice to modify the trip to suit your options if you wish, so if you like a specific place to one more, the captain will certainly follow your commands.

This would be an experience of a lifetime and one you would certainly never forget– staying in one of the most expensive resorts on the planet!


We wish you appreciated our checklist of the ten most pricey resorts on the planet.

Just how around that! A submarine hotel that sets you back $150,000 a night. I bet you didn’t see that coming. I did not, that’s for certain.

So, there you have it, the most expensive resorts worldwide variety from standard brick and mortar structures, in some of the most distinguished cities worldwide, to underwater sanctuaries that cruise around the Caribbean at your beck as well as call.

What a wondrous world we reside in!

Below’s a quick wrap-up of the ten most pricey resorts on the planet:

  1. Lover’s Deep– Luxury Submarine Resort– $150,000.
  2. Empathy Suite– The Palms– $100,000.
  3. The Royal Penthouse– Resort Head Of State Wilson– $80,000.
  4. The Mark Penthouse– The Mark Resort– $75,000.
  5. Ty Warner Penthouse– 4 Seasons– $60,000.
  6. The Penthouse Suite– Hôtel Martinez– $53,000.
  7. The Muraka– The Conrad– $50,000.
  8. The Hill Suite– $45,000.
  9. The Royal Suite– The Plaza– $40,000.
  10. The Royal Suite– Burj Al-Arab– $28,000.

Which of these most pricey resorts would you enjoy remaining in? Leave a remark below.

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